Pre-program Phase

The Selection Jury comprising experts from Sopharma Trading and Eleven will review your application to get acquainted with your product / solution and team, and will evaluate potential collaborations with Sopharma Trading or its clients. In case an initial fit is identified, you will be invited to an interview with Eleven – the main objective is to discuss your interest in participating in SOinventure and examine the potential benefits for the core program phase.

Core Program Phase

During the main course of the Program, you will participate in a careful selection of workshops, mentoring sessions and design sprints, and will work to refine your business model to better fit the market opportunity.

SOinventure’s objective is to provide for the perfect position to explore pilot opportunities with Sopharma Trading and potential integration into their business model.

Post-program Engagement

After the end of the Program, you might negotiate a pilot project with Sopharma Trading or one of its Business Lines As alumni of the program, your company will continue to have access to resources from Eleven and the wider #OneOf11 community, including mentors, events, etc.