Meet Anna from Scailyte!

You probably remember, that back in May, we kicked-off the internal SOinventure Healthtech Program for Sopharma Trading employees with a two-day hackathon – The SOinventure Jam. Besides the innovation-driven Sopharma Trading employees, this jam was also attended by a number of outside professionals and entrepreneurs, which we invited. These guests had the complete freedom to participate in the Jam activities, which meant that they will enrich the skill-set and knowledge base of the team they join.

Some of the guests managed to integrate so well within the teams and the whole format, that they became an integral part of the startups throughout the whole internal innovation program.

One of these, great professionals is Anna Dimitrova who is managing Scailyte’s finances and plays a key role in defining and implementing their business and funding strategies


See what Anna shared about the challenges, opportunities and her motivation joining SOinventure program:

I joined the program out of curiosity. Last year I participated in other similar program in Switzerland as part of Scailyte, and I know how good things come when people work in an environment that encourages creativity and imagination. I truly believe that any company could benefit when giving a chance to employees to be innovators within the company. After all they are the people who are closest to the essence of things, they know what works and what doesn’t, they know what is missing. While they are overwhelmed with everyday tasks, they can only make small changes here and there, but they often have no time and opportunity to think out of the box and to offer a real big change.

We all know that Google, Pixar, Amazon are doing this, but here in Bulgaria? How many examples do we have? How often do companies make such a challenge to their employees and create a truly creative and supportive environment?

I am glad that I have the opportunity to participate in this program and to see how change is happening from within. I believe there is something I can give and take. It’s a pleasure to work with so inspiring coaches and SOsmart team.

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